Singer-songwriter, actress, teacher, speaker, EFT practitioner and Abraham follower, Amy Syd wears many hats.  She feels passionate about making the world a better place by starting with ourselves and inspiring others to do the same.



  Amy Syd's new music video on YouTube!  Using beautiful photographs, Amy Syd has created a music video for her song One Way or Another from her CD "An Armful of Flowers".  Check it out - it'll brighten your day!

Stabbed With A PretzelAmy Syd's new book entitled “Stabbed With A Pretzel”, was published on December 4, 2013 and is available on Amazon. The book is a wonderful collection of heartwarming and thought-provoking poems and lyrics by Amy Syd.  It includes poems about love, relationships, friendship, self-discovery and inspiration.


She has also released two albums of original songs:  Inner Landscape, Amy Syd's debut CD, was released in 1999.  An Armful of Flowers was released in 2006.  (see below)

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With her newest CD entitled "An Armful of Flowers", Amy Syd "reclaims the true meaning of contemporary. Her simple piano tunes evoke thoughts of life and love and leave you feeling just plain good inside... like a breath of fresh air."

- Jake Nuckolls,

For further listening or to order: CD BabyiTunes or Amazon.

If you are looking for music to listen to in front of a fire or soaking in a hot bath by candlelight, singer-songwriter Amy Syd's debut CD," Inner Landscape", would fit the bill.  It is a collection of 12 thought-provoking, yet soothing and inspirational songs about the artist's own inner journey in discovering herself.

Inner Landscape was written, arranged and produced by Amy Syd. She plays acoustic guitar, keyboard and flute. Amy Syd uses a traditional musical theater vocal in the contemporary folk genre.  The music is heartwarming, with positive, uplifting messages.

For further listening or to order: CD BabyiTunes or Amazon.